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And One of the Rare Coin Market’s Best Values!

Rare coins are hot! Prices are on the move. Auction action…especially for extreme rarities…is hot and heavy. Dealer-to-dealer action at coin shows is frantic. Dealer inventories are low and buyer demand is high.

The rare coin market started heating up in 2003. In 2004 and 2005, the market heat
increased as inventories shrunk and demand accelerated.For the first three months of
2006 the market has heated up even more. But we still haven’t even begun to approach
the heat of a rip-roaring market we saw in 1978-1980 or 1987-89. By all indications, rare coins are in the midst of a major bull market. And both the external (inflation increasing, gold prices soaring, the stock market waffling) and internal (cyclical behavior, dealer inventories, price to value levels) forces remain extremely bullish for rare coins. This market has tremendous momentum and should run for another 3 to 5 years. Bottom line…it’s a great time to be involved with rare coins. And we have a great group of coins to tell you about. But first, we have some thoughts to share with you about the right strategy for maximum “enjoyment” of a Bull market.

OK, so prices have moved up and coins are red hot. What should you do? Where’s the value? Which coins have good potential? What’s the best strategy for this phase of the Bull market?

Van and I have been to this movie before (many times) and we have some very specific strategic suggestions for you…and a group of coins you should seriously consider. First the strategy. More

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