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Mintage: 214,516,400

Interesting facts: Even though the redesign of the quarter was not to have taken place until 1917, this issue had "broken" the federal law prohibiting design changes more than once every 25 years. The Standing Liberty Quarter fell victim of it's own circumstances when in 1932, the George Washington Quarter replaced it after only fifteen years! 

    The Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil. The initial design included a bare-breasted Liberty, which was redesigned quickly as the critism of a bare breasted Liberty deemed to risque. This change was never authorised by the original designer, MacNeil. Instead of covering Liberty's breast with the same flowing material like the rest of her dress, the designer clothed her in a coat of chain mail.

    The reverse design was also re-worked in 1917; the eagle was moved more to the center of the coin and three of the thirteen stars that used to be on the sides of the reverse were now placed beneath the majestic bird. Beginning in 1925, the dates on the coins were recessed, giving them more protection from wear. Well struck examples are the most desirable and much attention is focused on Liberty's head. So-called "Full Head" examples (those with complete details) often bring considerable premiums over poorly struck examples, but attention should also be paid to the rivets on the shield. Any coin with a Full Head and full rivets is a true prize.

    Obverse: Depicts a standing Lady Liberty facing right. Her left arm is upraised, uncovering a shield in the attitude of protection. The designer's monogram is located in the field of the coin under the neck of Liberty.
    Reverse: Depicts a an eagle in flight.

    Overall: Most common issue for the type: 1923. This type is readily available in all Mint State grades up through MS66. MS67 examples and higher become rare. full Head examples are the most desirable. No Proofs exist of this type.

    Most Important Variety: The 1918/7-S Overdate is a popular rarity in any grade.

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