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The Investment U E-Letter: Issue # 309

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Van Simmons on the Price of Gold Coins: Why High-End Coins Are Set to Ride Even Higher

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, President, Investment U

At a gold conference I attended last week, coin guru Van Simmons explained how top-quality, high-end rare coins outperform their lower-quality counterparts in the second part of a coin bull market.

Together with David Hall (www.davidhall.com), Van Simmons revolutionized the coin industry in 1986, with the creation of PCGS, the grading system for coins. Needless to say, Van knows his stuff.

And in this discussion on the price of gold coins, Van convinced me that buying high-end gold coins could pay off handsomely for investors who are smart enough to get in now.

The first thing is the relative cheapness of these high-end gold coins we kept talking about... many top-of-the-line coins that sold for $4,000 or more back in the 1980s can be had for less than $1,500 today. It's like that across the board in the top-of-the-line part of the market.

The second thing is the fact that these coins are the ones that move up a lot in the big part of a move in gold coins, Van says, as new collectors gravitate toward the best stuff (it's a macho thing). And it seems like that's where we are now in the price of gold coins.

To me the last part, and the most important part, is that I think you won't go wrong by dealing with Van (see his phone number and e-mail address below). Simply put, Van already has plenty of money, and probably has been "on Easy Street" for years now. So it is not in his best interest to overcharge anyone or treat him badly, and risk a lawsuit or something. He doesn't need the business... he just loves it.

Van Simmons Is a Man of His Word with True "Insider" Knowledge

I spent a good deal of time with Van while out in California, and I believe he's as straight-up a guy as they come. He strikes me as so decent he's someone to aspire to be like. Let me tell you about my personal experiences with Van Simmons...

A few months ago, Van offered to pick Porter Stansberry and me up at the airport when we came out for the gold coin conference. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it... I took it as something someone says in passing, but then doesn't really stick to. After all, Van is a multi-millionaire, with tons of things going on. He'd forget, right?

Wrong. Van meant it. He was waiting for our call the day we arrived last week, but we'd rented a car... which brings me to the next thing... Van had offered to loan us a car for our entire time out there. We'd forgotten about that too... but he hadn't.

Porter and I spent an evening at Van's house, talking about collecting everything (on one level, Van is just a big kid who loves to "trade stuff"), telling stories about people we all know, and enjoying each other's company.

The next day, Porter had an incident requiring medical attention. We called Van, and he found Porter an appointment immediately... Porter had help an hour after we called Van. In short, the more we did with Van, the more he struck us as a good, solid guy. A man of his word.

This is not any kind of paid endorsement or advertising. This is simply me telling you of my experience last week with a good man. If you are considering moving up to top-of-the-line quality rare coins, then you ought to consider doing business with Van Simmons. Contact him at 800.759.7575, or e-mail him at info@DavidHall.com

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