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Van Simmons interview with Kitco  12/14/2012
Rare Coin Education: 1913 Buffalo Nickel  10/18/2012
Rare Coin Education: 1900 Lafayette Memorial Silver $1  10/18/2012
Rare Coin Education: 1879 and 1880 $4 Stella  10/17/2012
Rare Coin Education: Standing Liberty Quarter  10/17/2012
Rare Coin Education: The Peace Dollar  10/17/2012
Rare Coin Education: 1907 $20 St Gauden High Relief  10/17/2012
Rare Coin Education: 1915-S Panama-Pacific Octagonal $50  10/17/2012
Rare Coin Education: The Isabella Quarter
A weekly series with an in-depth focus on a specific coin.
Market News 10/12/2012
What the experts are saying about David Hall Rare Coins.  8/30/2012
Looking at Silver Commemoratives  8/1/2012
Van Simmons interview " A Different Approach to Gold" by Simon Black
Why buying semi-Numismatic gold is a good alternative to buying gold bullion
Market News 8/1/2012
Why Buy Gold Commemoratives Market News 7/1/2012
David Hall's Long Term Wealth Building Article Market News 4/18/2011
Financial Survival Coins
A recommended course of action for a depreciating Dollar
Market News 2/14/2011
19th Century Type Coins Part One - #200 David Hall's Inside View 2/1/2011
The Rare Coin Market's 10 Best Bets
Whcih coins should you buy Now!
Market News 1/11/2011
February 2008 Van's Two Cents 2/2/2008
The Best Precious Metals Investment You Can Make Today  12/4/2007
The Secrets I've Learned About Making Money in Collectibles
A True Wealth Article
All 3/27/2007
John Pugsley Interview- Tales of the Collectibles Trade  3/9/2007
John Pugsley- An interview with Van Simmons  3/9/2007
Hall Sets Course For Hobby Future Market News 9/21/2006
Rare Coins and All Tangible Assets In Major Bull Markets! Market News 6/9/2006
Walker Half Dollar Spectacular All 5/16/2006
Investment U- Steve Sjuggerud Issue #337 All 7/22/2005
What's In It For You All 7/22/2005
Investment U- Steve Sjuggerud Issue #309 All 7/22/2005
Rare Coin Education: $5 Indian Head ( Half Eagle )   
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