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06-24-2016:The big news now is of course the “Brexit” vote, with the British voting to leave the European Union. This has sent gold and silver prices higher and created additional demand for coins. Long term it’s bullish for the gold, silver, and the rare coin market. The rare coin market is in a very good place if you’re looking to buy some great coins at good prices. In terms of prices, the market is very mixed. Some prices have gone down, some considerably. But some prices are strong, especially now that gold and silver prices are...More
04-20-2016: This market now has huge demand, and there is very little available supply. Long term fundamentals seem extremely bullish to us. It’s hard to buy top quality coins now, but when this market takes off it’s going to get really tough and price premiums are going to be significant. So we are urging our clients to think long and hard about where they want to be in rare coins. There are...More
03-16-2016: We’ve always considered proof gold one of the best areas of the market. These coins are the “beach front” property of the rare coin market and they are, as a group, the rarest gold coins you can buy. They are beautiful, very important, and super rare. And all things considered, prices are great relative values. Proof gold is one of the great hard asset investments of modern times. I see much higher prices for proof gold over... More
03-24-2016: These fantastic coins are currently one of the best buys in the rare coin market. They are truly rare, beautiful, and historically of the highest importance. The problem is there just aren’t many problem free coins to buy. Look at any auction catalog and you’ll see most of the early gold is in PCGS “Genuine” i.e. not gradable, ANACS “net graded” or NCS “conserved” holders. These are all problem coins. The fresh real deal coins are very hard...More

07-08-2016: Rare date Liberty gold is one of the best values in the rare coin market. These coins are truly rare…much rarer than their current price indicates. Many coins are what one might called “fairly priced” based on current market conditions. We believe rare date gold is underpriced. There is good demand for the high grade Philadelphia and San Francisco issues. The Carson City, Charlotte, and Dahlonega issues are in demand as usual. The focus is on rarity and condition. There are many sleepers and underrated issues in this area and those coins….when they do appear…always bring good prices. This market is front and center in the rare coin market’s focus on two important issues, namely rarity and gold itself. In the world of finance, gold is now starting to be on many people’s minds. Rare U.S. gold coins are a great story. There are a limited number of people who can collect rare gold by the date…these coins are relatively expensive…but these coins are... More
05-04-2016: This important market has had a case of the blahs for the past two years. Buyer attention has been focused on earlier issues. Prices drifted lower but they have... More
05-10-2016: Generic Gold is tied to the gold bullion market so prices are on the move. There is now a big disconnect between paper (electronic market trading) gold bullion prices and physical gold availability. While physical gold demand has been increasing and prices are going up, as far as coins go, not many people are interested in selling at these prices. So we definitely have a supply problem, even more so with silver coins. Our feeling is that generic gold coins are now one of the best values in the gold market. We think premiums will increase over the next few years, and we think gold prices are also likely to...More
05-24-2016: Early (pre-1857) copper coin prices have held up much better than many other areas of the coin market during the past 18 months minor downturn (which was basically gold and silver price driven). This is probably due to the supply problem for these great, historically important coins. Early copper, both large cents and half cents, are really hard to find in top quality, problem-free condition. Demand is great for all grades of early copper and we especially like...More
07-27-2016: The market has good demand, but there are now very, very few coins on the market. We have a major supply problem. We feel this is absolutely one of the most high potential areas of the current coin market. These are all-time classic issues, and the prices seem very reasonable to us. Both the early (pre-1839) “Bust” coins and the Liberty Seated (1839-1891) issues have big demand. There are very few MS/PR65 or better coins available today, especially if with want attractive, high end coins with lots of eye appeal. And it has to be the right coin and the quality/eye appeal issue is extremely important. The right “look” is now bringing strong prices. What buyers want is...More
06-01-2016: Morgan dollar prices are drifting lower slightly, but demand is strong and dealer inventories are very low. These comments apply to scarce and rare dates. For the common “generic” dates, demand is strong and prices are steady Morgan dollars are of course one of the most widely collected coin series in the entire rare coin market. This series has everything from common dates to incredible...More
06-15-2016: For the Peace dollar market, supplies of Gem quality examples have been quite thin now for at least the past year. Long term, this is of course very bullish. Coins are really selling really well, dealer inventories are extremely low. We definitely are having trouble buying Gem quality coins of all but the most common dates, and the common dates are becoming hard to buy in quantity. We love this coin series and think Gem quality Peace dollars are great coins to buy for the long haul. There is very little PCGS graded MS65 or better quality material is available (very low dealer PCGS inventories). This is a great series, short and sweet and widely collected. This series has common dates and significant condition rarities. I would not be surprised...More
06-21-2016: We feel very strongly that Gem quality silver commemoratives of the 1892-1954 classic era are one of the best values in the rare coin market, and we have been aggressively buying top quality examples. Silver commemoratives are selling very well and dealer inventories are relatively low. Prices are...More

03-29-2016: Prices for Gem quality gold commemoratives have been coming down a bit lately. Frankly, we now feel prices for these classics are way too cheap and we’re buying aggressively. To us gold commems are now one of the market’s best values. There were 13 gold commemoratives minted between 1903 and 1926; nine gold dollars, two $2.5 gold pieces, and two massive $50 gold “slugs”. Gold commems have been avidly collected for decades. During the past 5 years or so, most gold commems have...More
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