1915-S $50 Pan-Pac Octagonal MS 64

  • $115,000.00

PCGS No: 7452
Type: Gold Commemorative
Year: 1915-S
Denomination: $50
Category: Gold Commemorative (1903-1926)
Grade: MS 64
Certificate Number: 16969199


The desert island Coin! We have talked a lot about we call “forever coins”…coins that are so important in the marketplace that you can buy them and put them away “forever” so to speak. The Pan-Pac $50 gold “slug is our top forever coin…our number one desert island coin. Only 645 were originally minted. And because of their high face value, not a lot of them were put away at time of issue. Add to that the fact that they were massive coins made of a relatively soft metal, so they were very susceptible to wear and damage. Super high grade examples are definitely rare. This Choice Uncirculated specimen has clean surfaces and fresh and bright original luster. This is a beautiful example of this classic coin

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