1893-CC $20 MS 62

  • $57,500.00

PCGS No: 9023
Type: Type 3, With Motto, "TWENTY DOLLARS" on Reverse
Year: 1893-CC
Denomination: $20
Category: Liberty Head $20 (1849-1907)
Grade: MS 62
Certificate Number: 45184706


A real Uncirculated Carson City Twenty! The Carson City Mint struck gold and silver coins between 1870 and 1893. But unlike the San Francisco Mint, which was almost buried in gold from the California Gold Rush, the Carson City Mint was a much smaller operation and mintages were much smaller. For $20 gold pieces, the San Francisco Mint struck 1.04 million coins in 1873, 1.2 million in 1874, 1.59 million in 1876, and 1.28 million in 1891. The Carson City Mint output was much smaller. For the last year of operations, in 1893 the Carson City Mint only struck 18,492 $20 gold pieces. But the rarity of this CC Twenty goes beyond even that. For the fact is survival rates for Carson City coinage is miniscule. While San Francisco at this time was a wide-open mining and sailing town, Carson City was way smaller…it was indeed…the Wild, Wild West. These Carson City gold coins were not saved. They slide across the bar to buy a miner a drink or two, or perhaps were paid to a lady of the night. They were not saved! Carson City gold coins are very rare in Uncirculated condition, especially the very large $20 pieces. This is true Uncirculated specimen with absolutely no wear and obvious original gold color and luster. It is one of the few Carson City Uncirculated $20 gold pieces of any dat

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