1925-S $1 MS 65

  • $26,500.00

PCGS No: 7366
Type: Type 2, Low Relief
Year: 1925-S
Denomination: $1
Category: Peace Dollar (1921-1935)
Grade: MS 65
Certificate Number: 36545777


A near perfect WHITE Gem! The San Francisco Mint Peace dollars are all conditionally challenged. This is mostly due to the fact that they are almost always found with some weakness of strike. In fact, nearly all S-Mint Peace dollars are difficult to locate in MS65 or better condition. The two “condition kings” of the Peace dollar series are the 1925-S and 1928-S. Of the two, the 1925-S is the rarest. In 34 years, PCGS never has graded a 1925-S dollar higher than MS65. It is the only Peace dollar in the entire 24 coin series that has never been graded higher than MS65 by PCGS. It is the monster condition rarity of the Peace dollar series. This 1925-S is a gorgeous Gem! The surfaces are super clean and mark-free. The strike is very sharp for the date. The luster is fresh and original. And the eye appeal…wow! We’ve been looking for a Gem 1925-S for a year, and until this Gem came along we haven’t seen one we liked. It is an incredible Gem in every way. The perfect “start” to a great Peace dollar set

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