1925 50C Vancouver MS 67+

  • $7,500.00

PCGS No: 9399
Type: Silver Commemorative
Year: 1925-P
Denomination: 50C
Category: Silver Commemorative (1892-1954)
Grade: MS 67+
Certificate Number: 45357321


Best we’ve ever seen! The classic silver commemorative series (1892-1954) divides into two very different series. The first series is the first years of minting, roughly 1892 to 1928. These issues were not saved and are scarce to rare in Uncirculated condition…and you often see them in circulated grades. The second series is from 1933 to 1954. In the mid-1930s, there was a commemorative boom among American coin collectors. The government responded by minting all sorts of commems to sell to collectors. Most issues sold out, and the collectors saved virtually all of them. Today, almost all specimens you see are Uncirculated, some really nice. The earlier issues, on the other hand, are scarce to rare in mint state and many are very rare in Gem condition. The 1925 Vancouver is also a low mintage issue. For years, it’s been considered one of the keys to the entire silver commemorative series. And it’s rare in Gem condition and almost unheard of in Superb Gem. This gorgeous Vancouver has super clean mark-free surfaces and an extraordinary strike. The luster is frosty under gorgeous golden rainbow peripheral toning. The best Vancouver we had in a long, long time…and we’re not talking days or weeks…or months…were talking year

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