1849 $2.50 Mormon AU 55

  • $74,500.00

PCGS No: 10259
Year: 1849-P
Denomination: $2.50
Grade: AU 55
Certificate Number: 22100712


An all-time classic! 100 years ago, “Territorial Gold” was one of the biggest deals in the entire coin market. They are mostly very rare and rich collectors loved them. Most of the Territorial Gold issues were minted by private companies in California, which makes sense as the big gold discovery was in California. The “Mormon gold” coins were minted in Salt Lake City. Industrious Mormons went to California for gold and brought some back to Utah. As Church people began paying their tithes in gold dust it was decided to open a mint in Salt lake City. And actually the very first Territorial Gold coins were minted in Utah in December, 1848. There were four denominations minted ($2.5, $5, $10, and $20) and all are very rare. The 1849 $10 is an extreme rarity with just 10 to 12 known. The $2.5 and $5 are occasionally encountered and they are great artifacts of the California gold rush and United States coinage history. Most of the Mormon gold coins are only found in lower grades as they were used and not saved. There are only two or three mint state coins known. So this Choice AU55 is one of the finest 1849 Mormon $2.5’s known