1793 Chain 1C AMERICA, BN AU 55

  • $155,000.00

PCGS No: 1341
Type: Type 1, Chain Cent
Year: 1793-P
Denomination: 1C
Category: Flowing Hair Large Cent (1793-1796)
Grade: AU 55
Certificate Number: 10003866


With some original Red! The Chain cent was America’s first cent and the first circulating coin officially produced by the United States Mint. Interestingly, at the time copper was a very important “precious” metal. The country was new and had needs for money for commerce. The government responded with the minting of copper half cents and cents. Strange to imagine, but there was a time with a penny would actually buy something! The Chain cent is an amazing coin and one of the most important icons of the rare coin market. They were only made for a short time as there was some negative reaction to the design. Some people complaining that the chain (13 to represent 213 colonies) on the reverse was not exactly a symbol of Liberty. And some people even complained that Liberty’s flowing hair was too sensual!!!! The result that there were actually three different designs for the copper cent struck in 1793. The Chain cent is by far the rarest and it was the first. The early U.S. coins are so historically important and so rare and beautiful that they have been mainstays of the rare coin market for over a century. This exceptional specimen is super high grade for a Chain cent. It just has a light touch of wear, hence the “Almost Uncirculated” grade from PCGS. The surfaces are super clean and mark-free. The color is a rich, light chocolate with a touch of original red luster around the devices on both sides. Think about that….227 years old and some original mint red like a new penny in your pocket!!!!!! And the eye appeal is spectacular. We’ve been trying to buy a nice Chain cent for a long time and this is the first one we’ve seen that we really like and that didn’t have a “moon” price. This is one of the most fantastic coins we’ve had in a long time. An Almost Uncirculated Chain Cent….WOW! CAC certified