1820 1C Large Date, RD MS 65 RD

  • $14,500.00

PCGS No: 1617
Year: 1820-P
Denomination: 1C
Grade: MS 65 RD
Certificate Number: 41418162


Incredible original deep Red color! This is an “old school” Gem. When the type market first took off in the 1970’s, half cents and large cent were basically graded by color. At that time, a brown specimen was called MS60, Red & Brown was called MS65, and a full red was called MS70. Really! That’s the way it was. Today of course, marks and strike also are a factor, and color is designated separately. Full reds have always been the rarest. Think about it…a coin that is 200 years old and has the same color as a new penny in your pocket…amazing! Today, full reds are really rare. In the 1970s, you could go to a coin show and there were probably four or five dealers that each had five or six full reds in there case, Today, you lucky if you see one full red at the whole show! This Gem has clean surfaces, a full strike, and totally original deep red color. In 1973, it would have been graded MS70