1866 5C Rays MS 66

  • $5,450.00

PCGS No: 3790
Type: Type 1, With Rays
Year: 1866-P
Denomination: 5C
Category: Shield Nickel (1866-1883)
Grade: MS 66
Certificate Number: 41433631


The first year! For the five cent denomination, the U.S. issued silver “half dimes” from 1792 to 1873. In 1866, the nickel five cents was minted. So the pennies were copper, the dime thru dollar were silver, and the higher denominations were gold. The five cents was made out of nickel…and we started calling them “nickels”. First year of types are always important and desirable. The 1866 shield nickel has the extra bonus of being a “two year only” type coin as there were “rays” on the reverse in 1866 and 1867, and then the design was changed in 1868. This type specimen has clean mark-free surfaces, a bold strike, and fresh original luster.