Elephant 1/2 P LONDON, Thick, BN MS 64 BN

  • $8,950.00

PCGS No: 55
Year: 0
Denomination: 1/2 P
Grade: MS 64 BN
Certificate Number: 36365648


A Choice Uncirculated Elephant token…amazing! In the early days of the Colonies, and later our country, there was a need for circulating coinage, not just gold and silver, but also copper. Most of the copper coins that circulated were the size (diameter) of our current half dollar, the same size of the U.S. “large cents” from 1793 to 1857. Some of these circulating early coppers were struck by private mints in the Colonies, some were struck in England and sent to the Colonies. They have been collected for the past 200 years. But they saw extensive usage and most survivors are very low grade. This phenomenal specimen is Uncirculated…a Choice Uncirculated MS64!!!!! An unbelievable 327 years old and clean surfaces and absolutely no wear. The Elephant tokens were struck in England and saw use in the Colonies. They were struck about 1694. The legend says “God Preserve London”, which may refer to the plague outbreak of 1665 or the great fire of 1666. Either way, a great piece of early American economic history. Amazing condition…best we’ve ever seen!