1798 $1 Large Eagle XF 45

  • $4,500.00

PCGS No: 6873
Type: Type 2, Heraldic Eagle
Year: 1798-P
Denomination: $1
Category: Draped Bust Dollar (1795-1804)
Grade: XF 45
Certificate Number: 38165715


A beautiful example of this classic! The first U.S. silver dollars were minted between 1794 and 1804. There was then a “time-out” on the denomination and silver dollars were not minted again until 1836. The early silver dollars are an all-time classic and among the most important coins ever minted by any country. Bust dollars are rare in all grades and almost impossible to find in Uncirculated condition. The higher grade circulated examples are super desirable and have been for decades. This specimen has very little wear and is both well struck and well centered. It has excellent eye appeal for the grade.