1877-S T$1 MS 66

  • $19,500.00

PCGS No: 7046
Type: Trade Dollar
Year: 1877-S
Denomination: T$1
Category: Trade Dollar (1873-1885)
Grade: MS 66
Certificate Number: 41420860


A fantastic fresh original Gem! Trade dollars are one of all-time favorite classic silver type coins. The proofs are occasionally available, but Gem Mint state specimens are few and far between. We handle about five or six gem proofs a year, but we are lucky if we can get one Gem mint state specimen. This beautiful MS66 is an incredible frosty original Gem. The surfaces are fresh and original and very clean. The strike is razor sharp with 100% detail of the stars, hair, feathers, and claws. The luster is truly exceptional. It is totally white and has tons of “cartwheel”, making it look like it was just popped out of a fresh original roll. In 36 years, PCGS has only graded three examples of this date higher. It is certainly one of the best we’ve had (of any date) in quite awhile!