1879 $1 J-1623, RB PR 67 RB

  • $24,500.00

PCGS No: 72001
Year: 1879-P
Denomination: $1
Grade: PR 67 RB
Certificate Number: 40276253


Rarity-7 and the finest known! This is one of the experimental patterns from the 1879-1880 time period when the Mint was trying to find a way to have our coins be more competitive on the international markets. The most important result was the four dollar gold “Stella”, one of the icons of the rare coin market. The obverse of this dollar pattern was designed by George Morgan (of Morgan dollar fame) and he used a “coiled hair” design quite similar to the ultra rare Coiled Hair Gold Stella. The pattern guide lists this as a Rarity-7 (4 to 12 known or “extremely rare”). This rarity was part of the Harry Bass collection. Harry Bass is known for his rare U.S. gold collection, the highest quality one ever assembled. But Mr. Bass was an extremely knowledgeable numismatic expert, and he apparently also appreciated the rarity and importance of U.S. patterns, as his collection included some spectacular specimens. This beauty is one of only two graded PR67RB by PCGS in the past 36 years and we consider it the finest known. An old-time dealer once told us long ago that it was easy to understand patterns. He said that if the pattern is beautiful you can’t go wrong, but if a pattern is unattractive it doesn’t matter how rare it is, don’t buy it. This incredible rarity is stunning and incredibly beautiful. The condition is amazing…deeply mirrored surfaces and gorgeous original Red color. An amazing and important rarity in spectacular condition.