1878 $3 MS 65

  • $14,500.00

PCGS No: 8000
Type: Three Dollar
Year: 1878-P
Denomination: $3
Category: Three Dollar (1854-1889)
Grade: MS 65
Certificate Number: 35101239


Ultra flashy Gem!!!! Oh, the three dollar gold piece…yes, we made them in this country.. and yes, they are supper important rare gold type coins. Threes were only minted from 1854 to 1889. They were sort of a failed experiment. The Mint was trying to management the types and numbers of coins in circulation. At the time, not a lot of silver and gold coins circulated as many were hoarding coins due to uncertainty first, about the outcome of the Civil War, and then due to economic uncertainty. The three dollar gold piece ( and gold dollar) did little to solve the problem…and threes were unpopular with both the merchants and the public. So Mint production of three dollar gold pieces was limited. But today, they are super high demand gold types…especially in the rare Gem Uncirculated condition. This beauty would be a great start to a Gem quality U.S. major gold type set. The surfaces are clean and the luster is bright and ultra flashy. A great three for your gold type set

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