1880 $5 MS 65

  • $3,750.00

PCGS No: 8351
Type: Type 2, With Motto
Year: 1880-P
Denomination: $5
Category: Liberty Head $5 (1839-1908)
Grade: MS 65
Certificate Number: 33684586


Deep gold color! By 1880, things started to get better in our country and coins began to circulate again so the Mint could up production. However, most people could not afford to save $5 (or higher denomination) gold coins. In Gem condition, many of the issues of this Era are rare in top condition. For the 1880 $5, only nineteen specimens have been graded MS65 in the past 38 years. That’s about one every two years. But we feel they are even tougher than that. We are always trying to buy these better dates, as we thick the premiums are low and you get a lot of value for the money. But before this coin, the last time we had a Gem 1880 five was 2017! This is a fantastic Gem with mark-free surfaces, an ultra bold strike and gorgeous gold color!

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