1892$20 MS63PL MS 63

  • $95,000.00

PCGS No: 89019
Type: Gold
Year: 1892
Denomination: $20
Grade: MS 63
Certificate Number: 38214801


Miraculous Choice Prooflike! OK, now we’re talking rarest of the rare. This coin is on a planet all by itself. First of all, the 1892 Philadelphia is an ultra rare, low mintage date. The original mintage is a mere 4430 coins. This is the lowest mintage $20 Liberty from 1892 until the series end in 1907. To put it in perspective, the mintage of the 1894 Philadelphia was 1,368,940 coins. The second lowest 1892 to 1907 Philadelphia mintage was the 1902 at 31,140. And there are 20 different $20 Liberty issues from 1892 to 1907 that have mintages of over one millions coins. So the 1892 Philadelphia is a major rarity in all grades. But this coin is not just in any grade. It is a Choice Uncirculated prooflike, the only prooflike graded by PCGS in 36 years. This coin is a gorgeous, sharply struck prooflike. It is one of the finest 1892 $20 Liberties known. Rare date $20 Liberties have been very hot recently, and rightfully so. This is a great example of this major gold rarity.