1850 $20 MS61 MS 61

  • $39,500.00

PCGS No: 8902
Year: 1850
Denomination: $20
Grade: MS 61
Certificate Number: 84051141


Ultra original and 100% fully struck! One of the most important United States coins!!!! It started in 1846 to 1848, a little skirmish over the border of Texas morphed into the “Mexican-American War”. When the war “ended”, the United States gave Mexico $15 million. In return, we got California, Arizona, and most or all of New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and oh yeah…Texas! It was a great deal for us, and became a lot better in early 1848 when gold was discovered in California. The California Gold Rush was a world changing event. It actually disrupted the world gold to silver ratio and prices. It was a great boon to the Western expansion of the United States. As far as the U.S. Mint was concerned, their problem was the sudden influx of large quantities of gold bullion from the California Mines. The Mint’s reaction was two new coins…the gold dollar and the $20 gold piece. The U.S. $20 gold piece was made until 1933, and was one of the major trading currencies in the world. It was the most important of all U.S. gold coins. The point is, these coins were used, not saved. The first issue, the 1850, is rare in all grades, and really rare in top grades. We try to buy every one we come across.We even like the lower grades. But it seems like this is a difficult coin to buy in even lower grades.They are just very popular as the first U.S.$20 gold piece. And when it comes to Uncirculated grades…well, just don’t see them very often. In 39 years, PCGS has graded about 100 examples Uncirculated. And we see bout one a year…usually at a pretty big price. Fortunately, we were about to buy a beautiful Uncirculated 1850 $20 gold piece…the first we had in over 10 years. The specimen has gorgeous original gold color…We can imagine receiving it from a bank in 1850 with it looking just like this. And the surfaces are mark-free with a super sharp strike…100% detail of hair, stars, and feathers. So if you want an ultra-important…and beautiful and important…rare gold coin…this is it!