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A classic U.S. gold rarity! Proof Only U.S. issues are among the most highly coveted coins in the rare coin market. There were just a few years in which the Mint did not strike coins for general commerce but did strike some proofs. The classic Proof Only issue is the famous 1895 Morgan dollar. For gold coins, Proof Only issues are few and far between. The $2.5 Liberty series has one date (1863), the $20 Liberty series has three (1883, 1884, & 1887), and there are no $10 Liberty Proof Only issues. For the $5 Liberty series, there is one Proof Only issue, the 1887. It is one of the classic rarities...

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Velvet Tray December 2015

copper coin prices have held up much better than many other areas of the coin market during the past 18 months minor downturn (which was basically gold and silver price driven). This is probably due to the supply problem for these great, historically important coins. Early copper, both large cents and half cents, are really hard to find in top quality, problem-free condition. Demand is great for all grades of early copper and we especially like full Red, Red & Brown, and Brown Gem quality (MS65 or better) coins. But nice VF and EF 1793 Chain cents, Wreath cents and half cents are...(read more)

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May 6, 2016 Market Report

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