1836 $1 Original, Coin Alignment PR 64

  • $82,500.00

PCGS No: 11225
Type: Type 1, Flying Eagle Reverse, With Stars
Year: 1836-P
Denomination: $1
Category: Liberty Seated Dollar (1836-1873)
Grade: PR 64
Certificate Number: 38884832


The finest seen! This is the “original” strike with the “coin alignment”. Gobrecht dollars are one of the true Icons of the rare coin market. We call them “Forever Coins”. The U.S. Mint made silver dollars from 1794 to 1803, then stopped as most were going overseas to be melted. After an adjustment in the gold/silver ratio, it became expedient to Mint silver dollars again in the 1830’s. The Mint made several proposed designs from 1836 to 1839. These Silver dollar designs were named after the Mint designer, Christian Gobrecht… they have always been called “Gobrecht Dollars”. This design, with some modification, became the great Liberty Seated dollar. And Gobrecht dollars have always been considered one of the most important parts of U.S> numismatic history. You can add to all this the facts that Gobrecht dollars are incredibly beautiful and really rare (less than 2000 were made of all types combined). Hence, Gobrecht dollars are considered among the most important United States rare coins. We have handled quite a few over the years as we are always been aggressive buyers of great coins like these. We can tell you that Gem and even Choice examples are extremely rare. For this issue, in 36 years, PCGS has never graded an example higher than PR64. This beauty is a truly Choice proof, with virtually perfect surfaces and fantastic deep rainbow toning. We actually think this spectacular example is too conservatively graded. We not only consider it the finest we have ever handled, IT IS THE FINEST WE HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! A true coin for the ag