1793 Lettered Edge MS 62 BN

  • $135,000.00

PCGS No: 1350
Year: 1793-P
Denomination: 1C
Grade: MS 62 BN
Certificate Number: 39841061


First we had in over 20 years! The newly independent United States of America started it’s coinage with copper half cents and “large” cents in 1793. This was a super important event as minting your own coins a the supreme act of sovereignty. In 1793, there were three types of cents: the Chain cent, followed by the Wreath cent, finally the Liberty Cap cent. All three types were minted in limited quantities, were used in commerce at the time and not really saved at the time of issue. All three types are rare today in even the lowest circulated grades. These are the first U.S. cents, among the very first of our coins and they are all-time classics that are super important. Among the most important rare coins in the world. This beautiful Uncirculated specimen is a miracle survivor. The beautiful original light brown surfaces are mark-free and the eye appeal is outstanding. The strike is sharp and well-centered. The pedigree is really impressive. Early in the 20th Century, this was in the collection of Howard Newcomb, the famous collector who wrote the die variety book for late date large cents. It was sold by Newcomb in a 1945 Morgenthau sale. It next was in the Naftzger collection, the greatest collection of large cents ever assembled. And finally in the 1988 Herman Halpern sale (another famous collection). A coin for the ages!