1795 1C Plain Edge, BN MS 64 BN

  • $27,500.00

PCGS No: 1380
Year: 1795-P
Denomination: 1C
Grade: MS 64 BN
Certificate Number: 38502899


CHOICE uncirculated 1795 Cent! Think about that for a minute...a 225 year old cent in Choice Uncirculated condition. It’s a miracle this coin survived! In 1795, our forefathers has just defeated the world’s biggest and best army (and navy) to start our great country. And they wanted to have their own coinage...the ultimate act of sovereignty, so the started with gold, silver, and copper coins from 1792 to 1796. Copper cents and half cents started the ball rolling in 1793. Prices being what they were at the time, the copper cent was heavily used in commerce. And coin collecting didn’t become widespread in this country until the 1850’s. So the early cents are difficult to find, especially in Choice condition. This amazing 1795 is absolutely Uncirculated with no wear whatsoever. The strike is very bold. The color and luster are amazing...a rich iridescent light chocolate brown with substantial original Mint Red around the devices. Imagine...a 1795 cent with some original Red. The pedigree is classic. It was first sold in a 1907 Chapman Brothers auction, then to a Kosoff-Kreisberg auction in 1950, then it passed thru the hands of famous large cent collector Herman Halperin. An amazing piece of Americana.