1723 Halfpenny MS 66 RB

  • $6,500.00

PCGS No: 181
Year: 1723-P
Denomination: 1/2 P
Grade: MS 66 RB
Certificate Number: 41726459


An important Colonial issue in incredible condition! Copper coins were very important Colonial coins. The coins that circulated for commerce needs were copper cents and half cents and Spanish silver doubloons. The Hibernia coinage was struck in Ireland and sent to the Colonies where they circulated widely. As there were almost no coin collectors in America at the time, these coins were used and not saved. Uncirculated specimens are sort of miracles. This coin…well, it’s simply beyond belief. The surfaces are as mark-free as you’d expect on a MS66. The strike is good, and the coin is well-centered…an issue with these early hand struck coins. And the original Red color is stunning. How can a 299 year old copper coin survive in this condition. An absolute Colonial monster