1868 3CN MS 67

  • $11,500.00

PCGS No: 3734
Type: Three Cent Nickel
Year: 1868-P
Denomination: 3CN
Category: Three Cent Nickel (1865-1889)
Grade: MS 67
Certificate Number: 46211676


Odd denomination, important type coin issue and one of the finest known!!! This denomination was an ill-conceived Mint experiment that only lasted till 1889. Besides being an important 19th Century type coin, the Three Cent Nickel series is also collected by the date. By the date, the earlier years (1865 to 1876) are tough to find in top grade. This Gem is as good as we’ve seen for this date. In 38 years, PCGS has just graded three specimens MS67, with just one graded higher. The surfaces are super clean. The strike is amazing with full detail of all lines in the Roman numerals.