1820 25C Large 0 MS 65+

  • $59,500.00

PCGS No: 5329
Year: 1820-P
Denomination: 25C
Grade: MS 65+
Certificate Number: 7422965


Wow, wow, double wow!...A incredible Gem 1820 Bust quarter! The “Capped Bust” silver coinage, circa 1807-1838, is among the most important and desirable of all U.S. type coins. They have long been considered the keys for type set collectors. Of the four denominations, the silver half dime and half dollar, while rare, are the two you see the most often. The Capped Bust dime is rarer than those two. The Capped Bust quarters are off-the-charts rare! There are two types of Capped Bust quarters, the so-called “large size” (1815-1828), and the “small size” (1831-1838). The size “difference” is actually quite subtle, but side by side, they are definitely different looking. Either way, both types are rarities, and Gems are ultra rare. We handle a few Capped Bust silver half dimes and half dollars every year. We have dimes about once every two years. But we handle very few Gem Capped Bust quarters, maybe one every three or four years. And that’s even though we buy every one we see that’s priced reasonably. Gem Capped Bust quarters are super rare. And FYI, the “large size” type is a little rarer than the “small size”. But they are both rare and super important. If you’re a type coin collector, you know what I mean. If you’re not a type coin collector, this is a great place to start. This specimen is a total Gem. It’s hard to imagine a 200 year old silver quarter with clean, mark-free surfaces, but that what this is…like a new silver quarter in your pocket circa 1963. The strike is bold and the luster glowing iridescent contrasting with semi-proof-like surfaces. What a beaut