1875-S T$1 MS 66

  • $27,500.00

PCGS No: 7039
Type: Trade Dollar
Year: 1875-S
Denomination: T$1
Category: Trade Dollar (1873-1885)
Grade: MS 66
Certificate Number: 25690508


An amazing frosty white Superb Gem! Ah…the trade dollar…one of our favorite coins and one of the most beautiful ever minted by any country. The were only made from 1873 to 1885, though commercial strikes were only made until 1878, with proofs struck until 1885. They were made for trade with the Orient so very few were saved in top condition. We try to buy every trade dollar we see that’s priced within reason. We usually handle 5 or 10 Gem proofs a year. But we only handle about one Gem commercial strike a year, maybe two if we’re lucky. Gem commercial strikes are much are much harder to find than the proofs. We believe they are one of the best coins on the market for long term potential, This is an amazing Superb Gem. The surfaces are super clean and mark-free. The strike is full. The luster is truly exceptional. This beauty is so frosty and creamy white it looks like a Gem common date Morgan dollar. A true beauty and a fantastic coin to own! CAC certified.