1854 $20 Libery Head Eagle Large Date AU 55

  • $15,900.00

PCGS No: Yes
Year: 1854
Denomination: $20
Grade: AU 55
Certificate Number: 35686587


Early $20 Lib…very rare variety!!!! After the 1849 Gold Rush, the Mint started maintain $20 gold pieces as a way to use the great influx of gold from the West Coast. The big gold coins were immediately very popular domestically, and especially in international trade. The $20 face value was a big amount of money at the time, so collectors were initially few and far between. That would soon change, and there have been many serious collectors of this series in the past 100 years. The rarities have responded with appropriate price levels. The early, pre-Civil War, issues are by Far rarer than the later issues. The 1854 is tough to find in high grades. There are two varieties of the 1854 $20 Liberty….one with a “large date”, and one with a definitely “small date”. In 38 years, PCGS has graded a total of 885 small dates, but just 117 large dates. Either one is an important early issue. There are very few actual Mint State 1854 twenties known. The auction record for this issue is $96,600 for a MS64 in September, 2008!!!! This specimen is very close to Mint State. It Has totally original color and luster, and few marks. Any collector of this series would be delighted with this specimen of these early rarity…$15,750